Stevann S. Wilson


Connie Cornell
Cornell, Smith & Mierl, L.L.P.

"Stevann Wilson is my first pick for mediator. Her professionalism, and her ability to truly communicate with all kinds of people, make her incredibly effective at diffusing and resolving sensitive disputes."

Brian S. Greig
Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.

"I have worked with Stevann Wilson on cases ranging from a commercial dispute over multi-million dollar contract terms, to various claims of employment discrimination and wrongful discharge, as well as deprivation of stock options. On two of the cases, to say that I felt there was little chance of settlement would be an understatement. In spite of this, Ms. Wilson's calm demeanor, probing rhetorical inquiry, and dedication to accomplishing a deal won the day."

Robert B. Luther
Law Offices of Robert B. Luther, P.C.

"Stevann Wilson is that special mediator I look to when all else fails. As a family lawyer, it has been my experience with Stevann that her supportive and confident attitude inspires new found confidence in my clients who might otherwise be apprehensive about the entire process. Frankly, when I really need to settle a case, Stevann is the one to call."

Geoffrey D. Weisbart
Weisbart Springer Hayes, L.L.P.

"Stevann Wilson has shown, in all of our mediations, that she is able to quickly gain the respect of the parties in order to facilitate successful resolutions for everyone involved. The respect she garners comes from her inherent talents, her well defined integrity and professionalism, and her ability to really listen to what the parties have to say. For many of our clients, mediation is their day in court, and in order to feel good about settling, they need to feel that they were heard, and that someone genuinely cared enough to listen closely to what they had to say. Stevann not only listens intently, but speaks in a way that makes parties want to listen, which is something that not everyone can do so successfully."

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